3 Months Master Chocolate Program Online

Learn the perfect science of chocolate making.

Duration: 3 Months.

Start/End time – At your pace. Then why 3 months? Whenever you start from that point. And even if you don't finish in three months. No rush, course remains with you for life. 3 Months is to discipline your time and schedule.

Online - Tutor led course (Tutor will remain with you via messaging feature in the course)
Mix of Step by step video lessons, articles and text lessons

Self-study material.
Practical’s and Exams (online) Optional, if you don’t want to attempt completely your choice
you have modules for assessment.

Curriculum for 3 months:

A very systematic approach, starting from basics to mastering the art.

Key Areas covered in this course:

Basics – Mastering the tempering

Types of beans, how chocolate is manufactured, process overview. Percentage of chocolates.

Polymorphism of cocoa butter- why tempering is required? In depth

Understand different types of fats in chocolate and why it is important to stabilize fats.

Tempering chocolate by seeding method, Tempering chocolate by tablering method, How to evaluate temper check and what are key temperatures and points on the temper check.

Learn correct ways of chocolate melting, understanding effects of humidity, room temperature and refrigerator temperature

Dealing with common problems faced in humid and tropical climate – how to avoid sweating of chocolates

How to clean moulds, how to create shells, how to lock shells, how to demould.

Open recipes for nut clusters and Florentine bites.


Understand water activity and shelf life –in depth this will help you develop long life recipes.

Role of sugar and humectants in chocolate.

Use of additives in chocolates and fillings. Enhancing shelf life.

French and swiss at par international recipes


Crystallization of ganache by various methods, in depth

Moisture migration and fat migration discussion.

Ganache with fruit purees

Ganache with liquids eg liquors

Decorative pieces and Finishing techniques

Professional finishing techniques – right from making shells and locking them

Use of texture sheets and transfer sheets, correct procedures of their usage

Spraying techniques with colored cocoa (understanding proportions and temperatures for spray)

Moulding and enrobing techniques

Moulded and bulk production techniques

Learn unique infusions

Home and commercial production processes.

Bonbons, pralines, caramel and fudges

Couverture recipes across bonbons, pralines, caramel and fudges

Mandarin Pate de fruit

Mojito Ganache

Honey kissed Sesame Praline

Banana hazelnut cheesecake

Brownie caramel chocolate bar



Thyme caramel

Lust – Ultimate praline

Green Tea biscuit bonbon

All above recipes with clear video step by step instructions.

+ More recipes in text format for you to make and practice

Licenses, Marketing and budgeting & storage

Necessary licenses and how to start with basics

Storage and transportation

How to price your recipes and bonbons

Budgeting and forecasting

Marketing and selling

Exercises & Test

Lot of exercises and test for you to evaluate your progress.

Your Instructor

R Saini
R Saini

Rakesh Saini is internationally qualified chocolatier and sugar artist. He started his career in London and been in industry for last 19 years. He travels across India and abroad to teach. He has authored book on cupcake designs and writes for various magazines and journals. He is Majorly into consulting and teaching.

Certified Professional Chocolatier

Certified Master of Chocolate Flavors

Certified Bean to Bar Maker

Certified Sugar Artist

Course Curriculum

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Courses Included with Purchase

Festive chocolates
Innovative styles of presentation
R Saini
New season truffles
New seasons truffles
R Saini

Original Price: ₹5,000

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
As mentioned in curriculum. there is no start or end date. You learn at your pace. once finished lessons remain with you for lifetime.
How long do I have access to the course?
life time access. You will access to course forever.
What if I get Stuck in course?
Tutor will remain with you Group and comments section and email support.
If the Materials are readily Available
Yes most of the materials are easily Available. Even if you are in remote area, things are available in online market spaces.
Will I be able to do it Online?
Yes we are very sure, we have trained hundreds of students already on this program
What if I am not able to submit weekly assignment?
No Problem. Do it when you ready
Will I get certificate for this?
Yes. Once you complete all modules



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